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We’d love to keep our conversation with you going, so please drop in to read our blog from time to time. We promise to entertain you and we’d love to hear from you in return. 

Pam Corbett
2 May 2016 | Pam Corbett

Cheese and Wine Matching

So your friends are coming over, you’ve splashed out on a fabulous selection of cheeses and now it’s time to decide on the wine. Or maybe you work in reverse? Source the wine, then figure out which cheeses to serve. Matching these two gifts from the gods is not an easy task – both cheese and wine are fermented products with complex flavour profiles to consider.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
29 April 2016 | Viv Snowden

Singlefile's Vintage Report 2016

The Great Southern wine region has been dealt a kind, if at times challenging, hand from Mother Nature this year. The fruit has been picked and pressed, and the wines are in tank or barrel, with the alchemy of fermentation doing its thing. A careful watch must be carried over the fruits of the winemakers’ labour. Read through Viv Snowden and Patrick Corbetts reports of how vintage 2016 has fared.  Continue »

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Patrick Corbett
3 April 2016 | Patrick Corbett

Top 5 Wine Bars to Discover in Melbourne

Looking for the hottest wine bars in Melbourne? Look no further than Singlefile Wines top 5 places to visit.  Continue »

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Tash McCarthy
8 March 2016 | Tash McCarthy

Discover the Great Southern

Heading to WA’s pristine southerly corner for the Easter long weekend? Sure, we’re biased, but we believe this is one of the most exciting parts of our country. Read on to learn more about visiting this fabulous Western Australian region (we’ve done our research!).  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
1 March 2016 | Viv Snowden

The geese at Singlefile

Singlefile Wines takes its name from the resident geese, who parade gracefully in ‘single file’ each day at dusk, en route to the lake below the vineyards. It’s a sight to which we’ve become very accustomed – Viv Snowden has penned her own account of the story of these wonderful geese.  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
10 February 2016 | Alicia Russell

When does wine reach its peak drinking age?

The last Saturday in February is Open That Bottle Night (#OTBN) an international day celebrating special wines. Many of us store wine because it is more than liquid in a bottle. It symbolizes special occasions, moments and milestones - but sooner or later they need to be drunk! #OTBN gives us the opportunity to do this. Wine ageing guides exist but determining a bottle’s peak drinking age is not an exact science. Find out more about this and how to make a decision as to which bottles you’re going to open on Saturday 27 Feb!  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
4 January 2016 | Viv Snowden

Singlefile Vineyard Update

  Continue »

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Tash McCarthy
27 December 2015 | Tash McCarthy

Common Wine Myths Debunked!

  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
12 December 2015 | Viv Snowden

Viv Snowden's Sparkling Romance

Here, Viv tells the tale of how Singlefile's Blanc de Blancs Sparkling came to life over a period of five years.  Continue »

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Tash McCarthy
30 October 2015 | Tash McCarthy

Top 5 Denmark Travel Tips

  Continue »

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