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We’d love to keep our conversation with you going, so please drop in to read our blog from time to time. We promise to entertain you and we’d love to hear from you in return. 

Tash McCarthy
19 December 2017 | Tash McCarthy

Top Places to Stay in Denmark

Heading south over the break? Or planning a trip to our gorgeous Great Southern region this year? We’ve done the hard work for your accommodation picks – here are the Singlefile team’s top places to stay in Denmark.  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
10 December 2017 | Alicia Russell

Denmark Food and Wine Trail

The home of Singlefile’s cellar door and estate is situated in Denmark, and there are many other compelling places to visit while you’re here. Thankfully, the Denmark Food & Wine Trail has just been launched. Read our blog to find out how you can jump on the trail. Plus, the local Busy Blue Bus can be booked as your designated driver at any time, and a hop-on/hop-off service commences in 2018.  Continue »

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Tash McCarthy
13 November 2017 | Tash McCarthy

Singlefile's Sparkling Story

Have you noticed a few sparkling wines in Singlefile’s portfolio of late? We’ve caught the bubblies bug and Patrick Corbett, Singlefile’s executive winemaker, is passionate about our focus on this time-honoured practice. Discover more about our sparkling production in this insightful blog.  Continue »

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Patrick Corbett
18 October 2017 | Patrick Corbett

Let's talk about Riesling

Riesling is known as King of the Grapes in wine-producing worlds – both new and old. It’s a spectacularly age-worthy variety that conveys the tale of the terroir so faithfully into the final wine. Singlefile’s cool-climate Rieslings hail from different subregions – here Patrick Corbett addresses the differences between these wines, and why we are so charmed by this singular white variety.  Continue »

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Patrick Corbett
4 September 2017 | Patrick Corbett

Denmark, the Wine Region

Singlefile’s picturesque estate is situated in coastal Denmark – it’s the coolest subregion within the Great Southern and is perfectly suited to cool-climate early-ripening varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Here, Singlefile’s Patrick Corbett explains why we love Denmark as a winemaking site.  Continue »

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22 August 2017 |

Singlefile Tips for Travelling in the Great Southern

Call Singlefile’s team partial but we truly believe the Great Southern region and our local Denmark area are the best places to visit in Western Australia. Some top tips from our team included in our latest blog post.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
4 July 2017 | Viv Snowden

Why is the truffle so covetable?

Did you know the truffle season is at its peak in the Australian winter? As one of Mother Nature’s most splendid gifts, fresh truffles shine brightly on restaurant menus and at gourmet food stores at this time of year. So what is the truffle and why is it so covetable? Read more about this curious tuber and which wines work best with its distinctive flavour.  Continue »

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Patrick Corbett
15 June 2017 | Patrick Corbett

What is Terroir Anyway?

Western Australia’s Great Southern region is well acclaimed for its diverse landscapes and topography. This unique environmental context, otherwise known as “terroir”, affects Singlefile’s winemaking craft greatly, enough that we’d like to tell you the story of how terroir affects the wine that ends up in your glass. We picked the brain of Singlefile’s Patrick Corbett to find out more about this French term that’s become a buzzword on the wine scene and in its peripheral pockets around the world.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
10 May 2017 | Viv Snowden

All About the Frankland Region

Singlefile’s pursuit of excellence is supported by its commitment to the Great Southern region. If biggest is best, then this region wins the trophy. Australia’s largest wine region is home to five diverse subregions that yield premium fruit across a wide sweep of varieties – Riesling from Mount Barker and Porongurup; Chardonnay from Denmark and Cabernet Sauvignon from Frankland River.  Continue »

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Patrick Corbett
4 May 2017 | Patrick Corbett

Singlefile's Patrick Corbett gives us the Vintage Wrap Up

With the 2017 harvest under way, Singlefile’s Patrick Corbett has been living the life of a pirate – this fantastic article “The Pirate Life of Winemakers During Harvest”, (see below) provides comic enlightenment on the pace of a winemaker’s life at vintage. And below is an update on the state of the fruit from the Great Southern harvest.  Continue »

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