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We’d love to keep our conversation with you going, so please drop in to read our blog from time to time. We promise to entertain you and we’d love to hear from you in return. 

Tash McCarthy
5 December 2019 | Tash McCarthy

Best breakfast and coffee venues in the Great Southern

If you’re looking for the perfect way to start your day in the Great Southern this summer, look no further! We’ve compiled this list of our favourite breakfast and coffee venues to set you up for a day of beach hangs, hiking or biking adventures or sampling the region’s best brews, spirits and wines.  Continue »

Tash McCarthy
18 October 2019 | Tash McCarthy

Sydney's Top 10 BYO Restaurants

Sydneysiders have an affinity with drinking good wine with finely tuned food in elegant environments. We’ve compiled this list of our favourite Sydney venues where you can bring that special bottle from home and let someone else take care of the rest!  Continue »

Tash McCarthy
10 September 2019 | Tash McCarthy

Walk and bike trails in WA's Great Southern

From peaceful riverside walks to difficult coastal hikes and downhill bike tracks, there are plenty of trails to discover in Western Australia's Great Southern and Amazing South Coast!  Continue »

Tash McCarthy
16 April 2019 | Tash McCarthy

Top 10 Melbourne BYO Restaurants

Fancy a night out in Melbourne, but wishing you could take that special bottle from home? Here we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Melbourne venues where you can let someone else take care of the cooking while you bring the booze.  Continue »

Tash McCarthy
5 September 2018 | Tash McCarthy

Why We Love Riesling

Riesling is the wine that winemaker’s love to drink and this is particularly true of Great Southern rieslings. It is a versatile wine that has been rediscovered recently and is a perfect match with many lighter style cuisines. Read more about this versatile and vibrant grape variety in our blog post.  Continue »

Tash McCarthy
19 December 2017 | Tash McCarthy

Top Places to Stay in Denmark

Heading south over the break? Or planning a trip to our gorgeous Great Southern region this year? We’ve done the hard work for your accommodation picks – here are the Singlefile team’s top places to stay in Denmark.  Continue »

Tash McCarthy
13 November 2017 | Tash McCarthy

Singlefile's Sparkling Story

Have you noticed a few sparkling wines in Singlefile’s portfolio of late? We’ve caught the bubblies bug and Patrick Corbett, Singlefile’s executive winemaker, is passionate about our focus on this time-honoured practice. Discover more about our sparkling production in this insightful blog.  Continue »

Tash McCarthy
1 January 2017 | Tash McCarthy

Meet the Corbetts

Patrick and Pam Corbett are the co-owners of Singlefile Wines, with Patrick leading the way as CEO and Pam the driving force behind the running of the business. With two young children, both their lives are very full. Get to know more about the Corbetts by reading this Q&A.  Continue »

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Tash McCarthy
10 October 2016 | Tash McCarthy

What’s the difference between Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio?

Did you know Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are the same grape variety? It’s a white grape, with a grey-brownish pink skin (hence the name gris, or grey in English). The grape originated in France (from the Burgundian Pinot family), and is known as Pinot Gris in France, where it’s most cultivated in Alsace. So what about Pinot Grigio? Discover more by reading our blog post.  Continue »

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