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Singelfile -x- Spirit of Little Things Gin Collaboration

We are thrilled to launch a unique collaboration combining the excellence of Singlefile grapes, with the distinct flavours of native Australian botanicals found in Spirit of Little Things classic gins. 

Born out of a mutual respect and love of quality products, the end result are gins unlike any other.

A classic dry-style gin, artfully blended with fresh stone fruit, piney juniper notes, and a hint of vanilla. This gin is enriched with premium Singlefile chardonnay grapes, infusing a unique, earthy fruit note reminiscent of our celebrated Denmark chardonnays. Perfect for refreshing summer G&Ts and classic martinis. Best served with a light tonic or soda and fresh lime.

A slightly sweeter gin in the vein of a “Sloe” style, but with no added sugar and only the natural sweetness of the Great Southern Pinot Noir grapes. The result is a jammy, robust gin with pepper notes and a beautiful tannin finish. It drinks as a sipping gin, mixed with a dry ginger ale or blended with Vermouth and Campari for a “Pinot Negroni”.

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