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We’d love to keep our conversation with you going, so please drop in to read our blog from time to time. We promise to entertain you and we’d love to hear from you in return. 

Claire Bateman
8 June 2023 | Claire Bateman

Seasonal Produce and the Singlefile 'Farm Shop'

Throughout the year, the Singlefile orchards produce a bountiful harvest. When we have available seasonal fruit, we open our ‘farm shop’ in the small produce barn near our Cellar Door.  Continue »

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Phil & Viv Snowden
25 May 2023 | Phil & Viv Snowden

Vintage 2023 at the Singlefile Vineyard

The 2023 vintage grapes from the Singlefile vineyard were harvested by the first week of April, reflecting a late ripening season (most years the harvest is around 21st March). The grapes were in near perfect condition and met our yield expectations. We expect our winemaker will craft wonderful wines similar in style to the last few years, which produced well balanced chardonnay described as delicate but with complexity and power.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
11 May 2023 | Claire Bateman

Vintage 2023 in the Great Southern

Harvest is officially complete for vintage 2023. After a dry, moderate summer, a cool growing season has resulted in a slower ripening year, with whites coming off the vine nearly three weeks later than normal, and a later finish to harvest, ensuring time for the fruit to develop good varietal flavour. Now, it is up to our winemaking team to work their magic.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
16 March 2023 | Claire Bateman

Harvest in the Great Southern

As harvest for our 2023 vintage begins in earnest, we reflect on the vineyards and sub-regions of the Great Southern where we source our fruit.  Continue »

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Phil Snowden
19 January 2023 | Phil Snowden

The Bedford Story

Phil and Viv sat down to share the remarkable story of how a historic and distinctive 1937 Bedford Ute came to Singlefile, and how it eventually found its way home.  Continue »

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Christina Brown
22 December 2022 | Christina Brown

How to Wrap Christmas Wine Gifts

If you are gifting a bottle of Singlefile wine for Christmas, try our elegant wrapping techniques for a beautiful way to present your bottle! No bottle bags required.  Continue »

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Christina Brown
27 October 2022 | Christina Brown

Singlefile's Guide to Wine Tasting

We taste wine to develop our palate and discover what we like and dislike. Using this guide will help you hone in on which grape varieties, regions and specific vineyards you enjoy. We hope to help you discover a newfound appreciation for using all of your senses when tasting and enjoying wine.  Continue »

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Christina Brown
1 September 2022 | Christina Brown

Meet Singlefile Co-founder, Phil Snowden

While you may not have met Singlefile co-owner, Phil Snowden, at the Cellar Door, we are all the beneficiaries of his efforts behind the scenes. Since purchasing the land in 2007, Phil has played a major role in its evolution to the inviting and elegantly presented property it is today.  Continue »

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Christina Brown
23 June 2022 | Christina Brown

A Sneak Peek into the Bald Head Trail, Torndirrup National Park and the South Coast

Christina from our Cellar Door team hiked the Bald Head Trail earlier this year and shares her insights into this challenging but rewarding walk, and some of her other picks of the Torndirrup National Park and South Coast.  Continue »

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Ian Fenech
26 May 2022 | Ian Fenech

Chardonnay Reimagined, and 'The Vivienne'

Chardonnay's noble history begins in the Burgundy region in the early 1300s. Adaptable to a variety of climates, chardonnay is truly representative of the place in which it is grown, and can produce wines that are clean, crisp and light; to complex, oaky and voluptuous. Yet, chardonnay seems to provoke both reverence and loathing - read on for a little more about the wine that always elicits a passionate opinion!  Continue »

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