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We’d love to keep our conversation with you going, so please drop in to read our blog from time to time. We promise to entertain you and we’d love to hear from you in return. 

Viv Snowden
26 February 2024 | Viv Snowden

The Story of Fumé Blanc

Fumé Blanc - a smoky Sauvignon style achieved by fermenting a proportion of the fruit in oak barrels.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
14 February 2024 | Viv Snowden

Viv's Vintage 2024 Reflections: February

Curious about the latest happenings in the Singlefile vineyard? Dive into Viv's February Vintage Reflection.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
14 April 2022 | Viv Snowden

Viv's Vintage Reflections

Vigneron Viv Snowden has documented her insights into vintage 2022 at Singlefile. The grapes have been handpicked, and are now being crushed and fermented, marking the culmination of another cycle in the life of our family vineyard.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
19 August 2021 | Viv Snowden

Winter in the Vineyard

Have you ever wondered about the seasons of a vineyard? We are lucky enough to be able to witness how the vines and vineyard respond to the changing seasons, and the lifecycle of a vine is particularly fascinating. Viv has written us a few words on Winter in the Vineyard here at Singefile, to keep you up-to-date and hopefully make you feel like you are walking here beside us through the rows of bare vines.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
15 April 2021 | Viv Snowden

Wine and War - A documentary

Continue »

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Viv Snowden
28 October 2020 | Viv Snowden

The Rosé Evolution

  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
23 July 2020 | Viv Snowden

The Best Kept Secret in the World of Wine

Singlefile’s pursuit of excellence is supported by its commitment to the Great Southern region. If biggest is best, then this region of 16,712 square kilometres wins the trophy. It has about 20 square kilometres of planted vineyards and is home to five diverse sub regions that yield premium fruit across a wide range of varieties, from Riesling and Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
16 June 2020 | Viv Snowden

Cork versus Screw Cap Closures

Viv has taken a good look at both cork and screwcaps and debunks some of the myths. As she says “To settle this debate for yourself, you only have to decide which of the pros and cons matter to you. One thing is clear - either way, you won’t necessarily be sacrificing quality!"  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
19 May 2020 | Viv Snowden

Physical isolation and the Wollemi Pine

The recent circumstances of the need for physical isolation to protect our community from Covid-19 has reminded Viv of the physical isolation of this single tree, the Wollemi Pine, from its roots in the Jurassic and more recently from its parents in the Wollemi National Park. A Wollemi Pine now resides humbly on the Singlefile vineyard in Denmark, where visitors to our Cellar Door can enjoy this amazing Pine in its quiet isolation.  Continue »

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Viv Snowden
14 February 2020 | Viv Snowden

Sparkling wines - what's in a name?

Champagne, Prosecco, Cava. What do all these different names for sparkling mean? Learn more about the methods behind production of these wines in this insightful blog from Singlefile co-founder Viv Snowden.  Continue »

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