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Claire Bateman
4 July 2024 | Claire Bateman

A Taste of Luxury: Why Choose a Magnum?

Besides the sense of theatre they impart when pouring, magnum wines, bottled in 1.5 litre containers, offer some unique advantages that elevate both the drinking and cellaring experience.

Firstly, the bottle size allows for a slower ageing process, because the larger wine volume in the bottle slows the rate of oxidation. As a result, magnums often develop more complex and nuanced flavors over time compared to their standard sized counterparts. The thicker, heavier glass used in the production of magnum bottles also helps to protect the wine from temperature changes - a crucial variable when it comes to storing wine for any longer period. This gradual maturation and more consistent temperature can lead to a more refined and harmonious taste profile in the aged bottle.

In addition to the superior cellaring potential, magnum wines bring a sense of occasion and grandeur to any gathering. Serving wine from a magnum bottle makes a striking impression and signifies both generosity and luxury, making it an excellent choice for special events. This combination of aesthetic appeal and aging qualities makes magnums a cherished choice among wine connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Our Wine Club member, Lauren (@_winewithme) recently shared her tips on magnums - take a look in her video below.

Singlefile Magnum Club

Ready to start your magnum collection? Our first specialty Wine Club, the Singlefile Magnum Club, is available to join now! Receive a shipment of three hand selected Singlefile magnums twice a year to cellar with confidence, or open and enjoy in good company. Find out more here.



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