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We’d love to keep our conversation with you going, so please drop in to read our blog from time to time. We promise to entertain you and we’d love to hear from you in return. 

Alicia Russell
5 April 2019 | Alicia Russell

Wine bottle shapes and sizes – do first impressions count?

Ever wondered why wines come in different coloured glass and shaped bottles? Allow us to share some history about the differing types of wine containers.  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
11 September 2018 | Alicia Russell

The Vines and Wines of Mount Barker

Planning a visit to the Great Southern this spring? A trip to the charming town of Mount Barker is a must. Find out more about the history, the wines, the best places to stay and all the picturesque sights – the gateway to the ‘Amazing South Coast’.  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
10 December 2017 | Alicia Russell

Denmark Food and Wine Trail

The home of Singlefile’s cellar door and estate is situated in Denmark, and there are many other compelling places to visit while you’re here. Thankfully, the Denmark Food & Wine Trail has just been launched. Read our blog to find out how you can jump on the trail. Plus, the local Busy Blue Bus can be booked as your designated driver at any time, and a hop-on/hop-off service commences in 2018.  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
16 March 2017 | Alicia Russell

Top Adelaide Wine Bars

Are you ready for another city? We’ve covered Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Queensland Wine Bars, and next on Singlefile’s radar is a flourishing food and wine destination. Adelaide is on fire with its late-night bars, on-trend restaurants and fresh dining spaces. Allow us to talk you through the best places to relish a wine or two in this cultural hotspot.  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
13 June 2016 | Alicia Russell

Top 5 Wine Bars to Discover in Queensland

Singlefile likes wine bars – maybe you’ve noticed? We're heading all over the country to find the most intriguing and varied pickings. When it comes to Queensland, ‘wine bar’ isn’t the first tourism activity that springs to mind, but of late we’ve discovered many distinctively Queensland premises popping up. So given we’re all dreaming of warmer weather, why not head north to see what’s happening in Queensland? Take an armchair tour of Queensland’s top wine bars and plan your next escape.  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
10 February 2016 | Alicia Russell

When does wine reach its peak drinking age?

The last Saturday in February is Open That Bottle Night (#OTBN) an international day celebrating special wines. Many of us store wine because it is more than liquid in a bottle. It symbolizes special occasions, moments and milestones - but sooner or later they need to be drunk! #OTBN gives us the opportunity to do this. Wine ageing guides exist but determining a bottle’s peak drinking age is not an exact science. Find out more about this and how to make a decision as to which bottles you’re going to open on Saturday 27 Feb!  Continue »

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Alicia Russell
30 October 2015 | Alicia Russell

Singlefile's Festive Wine Tips

  Continue »

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