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Claire Bateman
11 May 2023 | Claire Bateman

Vintage 2023 in the Great Southern

Harvest is officially complete for vintage 2023. After a dry, moderate summer, a cool growing season has resulted in a slower ripening year, with whites coming off the vine nearly three weeks later than normal, and a later finish to harvest, ensuring time for the fruit to develop good varietal flavour. Now, it is up to our winemaking team to work their magic.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
16 March 2023 | Claire Bateman

Harvest in the Great Southern

As harvest for our 2023 vintage begins in earnest, we reflect on the vineyards and sub-regions of the Great Southern where we source our fruit.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
14 April 2022 | Claire Bateman

Vintage Wrap for Our Vineyards in the Great Southern

With the last picks of red wine fruit just around the corner, harvest is nearly complete for Vintage 2022 in the Great Southern. We reflect on the 2021-22 season in our vineyards.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
17 March 2022 | Claire Bateman

Decoding Winemaking Terms

Do you know your pH from your Total Acidity? In this piece by Claire in Singlefile’s Perth office, we break down some of the common winemaking terms you may see on a bottle or a tasting note, to help you decipher them with confidence.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
17 February 2022 | Claire Bateman

Time to Open That Bottle?

Open That Bottle Night was created in 1999 by journalists and husband-and-wife team Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, who had recently begun their wine column ‘Tastings’ in The Wall Street Journal. Many people reached out to ask them when was the ‘perfect time’ to open a bottle of cherished wine - they created Open That Bottle Night so that everyone could open those special bottles together, and create new memories.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
20 January 2022 | Claire Bateman

The Basics of Food & Wine Pairing

The perfect wine and food match can elevate a simple meal into something very special. When choosing the wines for your dinner party, there are some guidelines that can help you create great matches at home. Claire from the Singlefile team has written a short piece on the basics of wine and food pairing to help get you started.  Continue »

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Claire Bateman
28 October 2021 | Claire Bateman

Merlot: An oft-misunderstood Bordeaux classic

Merlot originates in the Libournais area encompassing much of the right bank of the Bordeaux wine region in France. Growing as loose bunches of dark blue fruit, its name is believed to come from the French word merle, a local name for the blackbirds who enjoyed eating the ripe fruit from the vines, or perhaps echoed the colour of the grape in their plumage.  Continue »

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