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Phil & Viv Snowden
3 August 2023 | Phil & Viv Snowden

Winter 2023 in the Singlefile Vineyard

Winter in the vineyard is a time of preparation for the vintage ahead, with pruning commencing after the vines drop their leaves and sap stops flowing. Viv and Phil have shared some details on the Singlefile vineyard this winter - join us among the rows of bare vines in our Denmark estate as our vineyard team ready the vines for the growing season to come.  Continue »

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Phil & Viv Snowden
25 May 2023 | Phil & Viv Snowden

Vintage 2023 at the Singlefile Vineyard

The 2023 vintage grapes from the Singlefile vineyard were harvested by the first week of April, reflecting a late ripening season (most years the harvest is around 21st March). The grapes were in near perfect condition and met our yield expectations. We expect our winemaker will craft wonderful wines similar in style to the last few years, which produced well balanced chardonnay described as delicate but with complexity and power.  Continue »

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