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Aimee Ralph
28 February 2024 | Singlefile Wines Blog | Aimee Ralph

Q&A with 2023 ‘Sommelier of the Year’ Nina Throsby

Nina Throsby, awarded Sommelier of the Year at the 2023 WA Good Food Guide Awards, curates wine lists for some of Perth’s top dining establishments including The Shorehouse, Island Market and Kailis Fish Market Fremantle. 

We were thrilled to have Nina join us for the sold-out ‘Singlefile in the City’ event, to share her thoughts on our new release wines across the Great Southern, Single Vineyard and Limited Release collections. 

“It is no secret that I am a huge Singlefile fan,” Nina said. “As a wine buyer and sommelier, identity is such an important part of what we look for in wineries and the reputation that Singlefile Wines has established, and continues to strengthen, is truly admirable. An aspect that defines this operation is their integrity to place, the Great Southern produces wines of elegance and finesse and (Singlefile) makes sure those attributes make it into every glass”.

Read on to find out how Nina discovered the wine industry, her unconventional food and wine pairings and her favourite wines she’s enjoying right now.

1.  What drew you to the world of wine?

"I was studying to become a Forensic Anthropologist when I got a job at a restaurant to pay the bills, as I spent more time working, I was introduced to the world of wine and was immediately drawn to the immense density in both varieties and styles of wine, I guess I haven’t looked back since then. I feel so deeply lucky to work within the wine industry of WA, it’s the people that make it truly amazing, from wine makers to viticulturalists to wine writers and judges – it makes for light work. I have such a deep appreciation for the work that goes into producing wines of such high quality, it makes writing lists and talking about wine on the floor a dream to do."

2.  What are some unconventional food pairings you would recommend for premium Australian wines? 

"Well I love well made sparkling wine with sour cream pringles – that is truly delicious! Riesling is one of my true loves and I absolutely love a cold glass with Jalapeno poppers, bonus points if the wine has a touch of residual sugar but dry Rieslings work just as well! But my all time favourite is, of course, Malbec and chocolate cake –it is just one of the best pairings, it is so weird but it just works – I think it’s the plush fruit in the Malbec, it almost gives it a black forest kind of vibe."

3.  What’s your favourite Australian wine region and why? 

"I know it seems like a cliché, but it truly is the Great Southern. I have such respect for the work that is being done and the passion behind the winemaking community here. It is one thing to make top notch Riesling and Shiraz, but it is another to make it in one of the most isolated places on earth. I am such an advocate for this part of the world to be renowned as a premium wine region globally and am so proud to work so closely with so many producers in the area."

4.  Perth has been experiencing some intense Summer heat. What are your top picks for wines to enjoy during this time of year? 

"I think it must be a Riesling … it is just so refreshing! I tend to look at some other warm regions and have a look at what they drink too, so Chenin Blanc also gets a look in when the weather kicks in. Vermentino is also a great little alternative, it's got such a saline backbone, it does well with fish and chips on the beach on a hot summer's day."

5.  What’s the most memorable experience you've had with wine?

"There are so many to choose from but in 2021 I drove literally through the night to attend the tasting at the end of the Mount Barker Wine Show of WA. It was such a special moment in my career to see that many WA wines stacked up next to each other. Sometimes you need a profound moment like that to remind you what a special part of the world we get to work in. There was also a trip to the Great Southern last year in which I spent time with various owners and winemakers including Phil and Viv. I think standing in the Vivienne vineyard with Viv was a real moment of connection to place, I hold it quite dearly."

6.  Thank you for joining us for our City Beach tasting event! Were there any wines that stood out for you?

"I thought all the wines were fantastic. I am so excited by the Pamela Riesling as it's only the second release of this wine – I cannot wait to watch where this goes in future and cannot wait to see the 2023 in a few years! I also have a real connection with the Vivienne Chardonnay, it brings me such joy to talk and drink it! I think the wine I was most surprised by was the malbec, I love seeing varietal bottlings of this wine, it has such a plushness and spice to it."

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