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Christina Brown
22 December 2022 | Christina Brown

How to Wrap Christmas Wine Gifts

If you are gifting a bottle of Singlefile wine this Christmas, here are two simple wrapping ideas to make it the best looking (and tasting!) gift of the day. Thank you to our wrapping guru, Cellar Door team member Trix, for her ideas and expertise!


Step One
Take a sheet of tissue paper (you could use a sheet of Singlefile tissue from your last delivery!) and wrap your bottle at an angle to display some of the neck, and tuck the loose paper into the bottom of the bottle neatly. Set aside.

Step Two
Cut a small square of coloured wrapping paper approximately 15 x 15 cm. 

Step Three
Starting at the corner of the square closest to you, fold about 3cm in from the corner, and then fold half of the tab back on itself. Continue to concertina the paper back and forth keeping the same width to create a folded strip you will be able to fold out into a fan. Fold about one third of the strip back on itself and then fan out the short and long section to display the pleats. (You could also experiment with using multiple fans or layered pieces of paper for different effects!)

Step Four
Tape the fanned paper to the side of the wrapped bottle. Tie a ribbon around the bottle to secure the fan and hide the tape.


Step One
Cut two pieces of contrasting coloured wrapping paper to 50cm long and 32cm wide (you can use a piece of Singlefile tissue from your last delivery which is cut to these dimensions). Cut a 2cm strip off one of the pieces of paper along the long edge, then layer the papers on top of one another, with the larger sheet on top, and the coloured/branded sides facing out. Align the long edge of both pieces of paper at the side furthest from you, so that the extra 2cm on the bigger piece of paper is closest to you.

Step Two
Fold down both pieces of paper from the top right corner diagonally until you reach the edge of the shorter piece of paper, and crease to hold (this should form a large triangle with the coloured side facing up, and a 2cm strip of the other paper along the bottom of it).

Step Three
Starting at the bottom left hand corner closest to you, start to fold in the corner on itself to form a fan (similar to Option 1 above). Keep folding in a concertina, slightly adjusting the folds to ensure your fan neatly meets the triangle in the middle of the paper.

Step Four
Place the bottle on its side and lay it down onto your wrapping paper, flush with the bottom edge of the paper closest to you and at the point of the triangle (on the right hand side).

Step Five
Roll the paper around the wine until it meets the fanned section and the paper meets around the bottle. Tape to hold the paper together and fan out the pleated section. Tie a ribbon around the bottle to secure the paper, adding any gift tags or decorations to the ribbon before tying it up.

If you would like to watch a video of these two techniques, visit the reel posted to our Instagram page. Happy gifting! 


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