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Chloe Davison
23 April 2024 | Chloe Davison

How to Pair Flowers with Wine

When considering wine pairings, we often turn to classics like cheese and chocolate. The interplay of flavours between a robust red and sharp cheddar, or a sweet dessert wine and dark chocolate, offer a timeless tasting experience. 

However, there are other wine pairings that can be equally engaging to the senses. Just as the right cheese can complement the boldness of a Cabernet Sauvignon, or the perfect truffle can accentuate the complexities of a Pinot Noir, so too can carefully selected blooms enhance the flavours of your favourite wines.

Wine and flowers, often paired together as a classic gift idea, also present a unique opportunity to craft an experience that delights the senses in unexpected ways. Whether you’re thinking of picking out a bouquet of flowers for Mum this Mother’s Day, or selecting a beautiful arrangement for your home, consider choosing a complimentary bottle of wine. 

Scent Profiles

When selecting flowers to accompany wine, it's essential to consider their fragrance profile and how it complements the wine's aroma. For instance, lighter wines would be complemented by floral notes that enhance the freshness and clarity of flavours, while a more robust wine would be enhanced by stronger scents, adding depth and complexity to the flavour profile. 

White Wine Pairings

For crisp wines like sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio, delicate blooms like lilies or daisies can accentuate their refreshing flavours. Opt for roses or orchids to complement the richness of fuller-bodied white wines like our Family Reserve Chardonnay. Meanwhile, for riesling lovers, the aromatic and often zesty notes of this wine would pair wonderfully with fragrant blooms like jasmine or lilac.

Rosé Pairings

While it's a wine that is enjoyed year-round, rosé is often seen as the perfect Australian summer wine. Therefore pairing it with summer blooms works beautifully to enhance the flavour, while also evoking memories of the warmer seasons. Fragrant flowers such as jasmine, honeysuckle, or peonies have scents that harmonise with the wine's delicate undertones.

Sparkling Pairings

Certain flowers, like elderflower and citrus blossom, possess fragrances that complement the bright and lively character of sparkling wine. Elderflower introduces a refreshing and floral complexity while citrus blossom contributes zesty and citrusy undertones that enhance the wine's crisp acidity. 

Red Wine Pairings

The deep, robust flavours of red wines, such as our Single Vineyard Frankland River Cabernet Sauvignon or Great Southern Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, can be beautifully complemented by the aromas of certain flowers. For example, the velvety texture and dark fruit notes of merlot can be enhanced by roses, while the powerful character of cabernet sauvignon, with its deep fruitiness and hints of red berries, can be complemented by the subtle sweetness and herbal aroma of lavender.

We hope you enjoy discovering the art and science of pairing wines with beautiful blooms!


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