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Claire Bateman
22 June 2023 | Claire Bateman

Birdwatching in the Great Southern, and Denmark's Blue Wren Emblem

The changing plumage of the male Splendid Fairy-wren, and the female Splendid Fairy-wren


The Great Southern region of Western Australia is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts, offering breathtaking landscapes and hiking, diverse flora, and a rich variety of bird species. With an extensive network of native forest, national parks, and scenic trails, the region provides ample opportunities for birdwatching enthusiasts to explore and discover the richness of the birdlife in the region.

Western Australia's south is a hotspot of biodiversity, with more than 350 bird species and a large number of indigenous bird species, particularly in the Great Southern region, including the Western Australian Rosella, Australian White Ibis, Australian Pelican and Australian Ringneck. The Splendid Fairy-Wren (known colloquially in WA as the 'Blue Wren') is another indigenous bird species, readily spotted throughout the Great Southern and adopted as the bird emblem of the Denmark shire. 

There is plentiful information available for keen birdwatchers produced by Birdlife WA. Click on the image above to navigate to their full guide for birdwatching in and around Denmark.


Among the many bird species throughout the Great Southern, the Blue Wren stands out as a gem. These cheeky and delightful little birds are known for their vibrant plumage and enchanting behavior. It is the male birds who sport the striking electric-blue feathers during the breeding season, which runs from approximately August/September through to January/February. As well as their brilliant plumage, the male birds are known to woo potential mates by presenting them with bright flower petals and fanning out their cheek feathers. Their highly visible colouring leaves them vulnerable to predators, so when the breeding season finishes, their blue feathers moult, leaving them looking closer in colour to the mostly brown female wren, with pale blue still visible on their wings.

Various bird species can be spotted throughout the Great Southern year-round, with the winter an especially good time to view seabirds, such as albatrosses and shearwaters, as well as the chance to see migratory whales along the coastline.

For both seasoned bird watchers and the casual nature enthusiast, exploring the Great Southern region is a rewarding experience. Grab your binoculars, pack your camera, and embark on a bird watching adventure in this enchanting corner of Western Australia.


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